Friday, 27 May 2016

10 Weird Things You Do on the Internet But Never Realized

1. Search your name online and feel bad for sharing name with others.

2. Look for steps even you already know how to do the task.

 3. Always open a new tab and have no idea why you open it.

4. View other people's profiles even you just met him/her once.

5. Click "LIKE" on our own posts, and delete posts that likes do not meet your expectation.

6. Repost a new version on social platform when you find there is something missing on the old post.

7. Pretend to understand slang and later check it on Google.

8. Deny to open Facebook message so it won’t be marked as read.

9. Feel crazy when someone takes too long to type out ONE-WORD message.

10. Refresh CIK Telecom official website to check any amazing internet deal.


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