Friday 29 December 2023

CIK Telecom Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence

As the largest independent internet service provider in the Canadian telecommunications industry, we, CIK Telecom, are proud to announce our 20th anniversary. This milestone marks two decades of delivering cutting-edge services, fostering customer relationships, and positively contributing to diverse communities across Canada.

Founded in 2003, CIK Telecom embarked on a journey to transform the telecommunications landscape in Canada. We quickly rose to prominence from the humble beginnings by providing affordable, reliable, and high-speed internet solutions to homes and businesses. Our commitment to innovation paved the way for CIK’s expansion, with an extensive range of services, including internet, home phone, and IPTV, and the latest innovation, SuperFibre internet.

Customer Appreciation: The Heart of CIK

Over the years, we have prioritized customer satisfaction above all else. Our success story is incomplete without the unwavering support of thousands of customers who have chosen CIK as their trusted service provider. In celebration of the 20th anniversary, we are extending our gratitude to all our customers with exciting promotions, exclusive offers, and enhanced service features such as higher download and upload speeds. CIK would not have been able to grow this big without our customers.

Continued Commitment to Giving Back to the Community and the Future

Our journey has been about more than just business growth, it has been about creating a positive impact. From day one, we have been dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve. Through various initiatives, partnerships, and contributions, CIK has played an active role in supporting local causes, education, and digital inclusion programs.

"We are immensely proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary," said Jordan Deng, CEO at CIK Telecom. "This milestone is a testament to our team's dedication, the loyalty of our customers, and our commitment to making a positive difference in this difficult and expensive telecommunications landscape in Canada. As we reflect on our journey, we are excited to continue innovating, providing affordable services, improving customer experiences, and contributing to the communities that have embraced us. We know the road ahead of us is tough, especially now that we know that most independent ISPs were forced to sell to the big incumbents. We want

As we look towards the future, innovation remains at the forefront. To keep up with the evolving digital landscape, we plan to introduce even faster internet speeds, enhanced services, and new technologies with our own SuperFibre internet technology. As you might be aware we are building our own fibre network in Markham and Richmond Hill to be fully independent of the incumbent ISPs. Additionally, we will continue investing in initiatives that empower local communities, bridge the digital divide, and create a brighter future for all in Canada.

In the 20th year and beyond, we at CIK Telecom remain committed to our core values of integrity, customer-centricity, and community engagement. For more information about our community offerings, please visit

Monday 29 August 2022

CIK Telecom is proud to announce the launch of 10GB Fibre Internet to thousands of homes in Markham

We are proud to announce the launch of 10Gbps fibre internet utilizing our own fibre network (rebranded as “SuperFibre”) to thousands of homes near our head office located at 241 Whitehall Drive in Markham.

Our new fibre development division, SuperFibre Communications Ltd, has won 3 fibre development contracts valued at $55M, awarded on July 20, 2022, by York Region to develop the fibre network for 6 cities in York Region, including Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, King and East Gwillimbury until December 31st, 2025.

SuperFibre Communications is responsible for developing, constructing and maintaining our own fibre internet networks for CIK Group, including FTTB (Fibre-To-The Building), FTTH (Fibre-to-the-House), and Air Fibre internet. SuperFibre Communications aims to build a completely independent fibre network from the last mile to the internet backbone without relying on any specific third party, while providing the fastest and most stable internet service available to people in Canada, by building and upgrading existing telecom infrastructure to a True Optical Fibre infrastructure in buildings and homes. SuperFibre Communications is building its own fibre network in Canada using fibre optic technology, the latest innovation in internet connectivity. This allows CIK Telecom and SuperFibre to be entirely independent of the incumbent ISPs such as Rogers or Bell.

Up to this day, we have completed over 50,000 FTTB units and thousands of FTTH constructions in the Markham and Richmond Hill area. Furthermore, we are in the process of migrating our entire network from 1Gbps to 10Gbps starting in the Markham area. With our SuperFibre division, we will have a more experienced and dedicated support team for customer service and technical support around the clock. We now have full autonomy over the fibre internet connections and lines in the ground, which means in case of an outage or technical failure, we can send out our own expert in-house technicians or engineers to fix any issue in a matter of minutes, without having to wait for over a day for a Rogers or Bell technician to try and fix things. We all know how that went when there was an outage causing a nationwide crisis.

Jordan Deng, CEO of CIK Telecom, mentioned, “Our SuperFibre network is completely developed in-house starting with the lines/connection at customer’s home to the internet lines underground connected to our own network. That means that any other internet company’s failure would not affect any of our customers who are connected to our own SuperFibre network. In our design, all SuperFibre customers will have fibre directly coming from our POI to their home, which means if they have a backup UPS at home for the modem and router, they would not need to worry about power outages while selecting up to 10Gbps speeds – the fastest residential speed in Canada.”

Jordan Deng also said: “Although our SuperFibre network is still very small, we are independent. And, we are providing customers with an extra fibre internet choice at a very affordable price.” To check if you are eligible, please check

Thursday 30 June 2022

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Celebration and CIK Telecom Awarded for Community Contributions


We were honoured to have attended the celebration of the Platinum jubilee of her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her unprecedented seven decades of service and dedication.  She is Canada’s longest reigning sovereign and the first to celebrate a platinum jubilee. CIK Telecom feels blessed to have been part of such a historic event and our CEO Jordan Deng was ceremoniously attending the celebration while being awarded by MPP Paul Chiang for making a significant impact and contribution to the Markham and Unionville community over the years.


Some of the initiatives CIK Telecom has contributed to in the Markham community:

·Investing to set up a fibre optic network in Markham to improve the internet infrastructure in the city

·Donated tonnes of masks to hospitals and people in the GTA when there was a mask/PPE shortage in Canada

·Sponsoring local high schools and youth organizations

·Supporting local youth sports clubs

·Donating and supporting various charities and organizations

·Held lots of events in the local community with lots of giveaways and prizes

Monday 20 June 2022

CIK Telecom Sponsoring Waxers U14 MD Team

We are very honoured to sponsor the Markham Waxers U14 MD Team, who had won the York Simcoe Hockey Championship in 2021-2022. After completing their regular season with an impressive record of 22-1-1, the U14 MD Waxers continued to dominate with their style of masterful play throughout and remained undefeated through the Playoffs, unlike a certain NHL team we know. CIK Telecom loves hockey and believes that the Markham Waxers U14 MD Team will have many more successful years to come.

CIK Telecom supports youth sports with the Waxers U14MD Team to help shine a light on the importance of inclusion and the eradication of racism in hockey and sports in general. Together, we are also bringing awareness to diversity in our workspace and community. CIK Telecom is an all-inclusive and diverse employer, who promotes diversity and helps raise awareness to end racism in hockey/sports and our community in Markham. Seeing as we have such an ethnically diverse team at CIK Telecom and the Waxers U14MD, we feel as a community that this is an important issue, and we can all stand behind and support it with pride.

Tuesday 31 August 2021

CIK Back to School Giveaway 2021

CIK Telecom is having a limited-time giveaway event throughout September.

Come and say hello to us at below locations, and take home exciting gifts! 

CIK Head Office

Address: 241 Whitehall Dr, Markham, ON L3R 5G5

Gift pick-up schedule: Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 2 PM

CIK Corporate Store

Address:  Unit 155 - 3255 Hwy 7, First Markham Place Mall, Hwy 7, Markham, ON L3R 3P3

Gift pick-up schedule: Monday to Sunday, 11 AM to 7 PM

  • No purchase required.
  • Limited quantity. First Come First Serve.
  • Giveaway event from September 1st to September 30th, 2021.
  • Please wear a mask or facial covering when entering. 


Tuesday 9 February 2021

CIK Telecom awarded with Excellent Consumers Choice Award for second year in a row

CIK Telecom has been awarded the Excellent Consumers Choice (ECC) Award, by for the second year in a row. This award recognizes companies that have established excellent internet communication services in Canada.

"We accept the Telecom ECC Award with great pride and want to thank all our customers who made this possible. We know it has not been an easy year for everyone, and we will put the focus on building up our communities and our team, so we can extend that focus to our customers. " Jordan Deng CEO of CIK Telecom.

The Canadian Telecom ECC Award identifies, recognizes and promotes the most excellent ISPs in the Canadian telecommunications industry. The ECC award is run by GoneVoIP, which is an online platform that helps Canadian consumers choose reliable home internet and phone services since 2012. A list of all of this year’s awardees can be found at:

Thursday 26 March 2020

Deal With Slow Internet During COVID-19 Period

Do you have slow speed internet? Here are some explanations and recommendations to optimize your speed and avoid saturation.

Internet is defined as "bandwidth", using the example of a 5-lane highway. Cable, ADSL, 3G, 4G, Fiber… everyone uses the same route but each at a different speed.

When everyone is connected at the same time (which is currently the case) it's like going on vacation or coming back from it, a lot of "traffic" at the same time, everything is slowed down ... until traffic jams.

We must therefore do our utmost to avoid this situation and think about people who work, hospitals, authorities, and people who cannot reach their relatives.

What to do then? Some recommendations to follow:
  1. If you have an IPTV system and you are not watching TV, turn off your receivers! They continue to stream in HD while no one is watching.
  2. Avoid watching videos in 4K, 1080p and Ultra HD On Youtube / Netflix / etc, choose a 720p mode,
  3. If you are in 4G switch to 3G, this will still allow you to receive Instagram / WhatsApp notifications, it's even more stable
  4. Avoid WhatsApp calls and especially video calls and use normal calls, it will save you from dressing, making up, shaving;) and it frees up a lot of space.
  5. On Netflix you can download your episodes / seasons to watch after online: do it late at night before sleeping, it avoids streaming during the day for a few days.
  6. On Spotify / Deezer / Listen to music and Apple Music you can also download your favorite playlists online, do it once and for all and no longer stream during the day, especially in 4G.
  7. Finally, turn off your IPTV receivers when they are not in use! It’s like leaving your faucets open all day, wasting bandwidth for no reason.