Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Now Enjoy the Affordable Service of CIK Partner with ATOP TV Offers in market , starts at $19.99 /month.

CIK Telecom with the partner ATOP TV offers  over 100 cable TV channels starts from $19.99/month. It includes most channels from the Skinny Basic Package and also includes some local, regional and US channels. 

Atop TV is an incredible new TV Experience. ATOP TV service  is offered through the authorized Partner CIK . We currently offer several ATOP TV Packages and a variety which are mentioned below:

  1. Premium TV Package
  2. Skinny Basic Package
  3. Not so Skinny
  4. Movie Package
  5. Super Channels
  6. Kids Pack
  7. Ultimate Sports and many more.

You can opt and build your own customized TV channel package. Please note: Local channels for CBC, CTV City ,  Gobal, OMNI ,CB 24 etc are in the above packages are available.

  • ATOP TV User will enjoy completely stunning HD picture quality with over 100 top quality channels.
  • Atop is a entertainment experience like no other.
  • No need for satellite dishes or expensive internet bundles.
CIK Telecom provides cable tv with its partner Atop, which  comes in 3D-ready and is delivered to user's home through several of our internet partners that offer the fastest, most reliable and uncapped, service in the industry. The way the internet should be.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Get Unlimited Usage on FiberLite Internet Plans in Ontario, Canada- Use Promocode Code CIK123

Everyone uses the internet all day.  Whether on your phone, tablet, or computer. Getting fast internet speeds is important to keep up with your work or to keep up socially. Let us help you get the right internet service. Choose your plans according to you .

CIK Telecom Offers the FiberLite Express Plan 25M/10M with No Contract & Credit Check ,with  Unlimited Usage only in Ontario, Canada .Upgrade today for the Unlimited Internet fiberlite plan  at just $27.99/m to surf faster and get the better discounts and deals.

Use Promo Code CIK123 to grab the discount on the below mentioned plan .

Below are the details :

1. Download speed up to 25 Mbps  
2. Upload speed up to 10 Mbps
3. Purchase VDSL Modem KW52283 $99; or Monthly rental fee $2.99/m.  
4. Processing fee $29.95 (original $69.95,Waived with modem purchase)
5. No Contract  
6. Shipping Fee:$9.95

We guarantee exceptional customer service and technical support and will make your needs a personal priority. Our customers are always treated with professionalism, sincerity and integrity

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

SOLD OUT - Use Promo Code CIK29.99 and Get Cable Basic Plan 15M/512K at $29.99 in AB/BC/MB/SK/ON_S.

Every individual needs the fast and best internet service and without any denial it is crystal clear that the internet has become the prime and the most important thing in every one’s life.

There are numerous internet service providers in the Canada but CIK Telecom is serving the needs of the people for several years from now and it is considered amidst the best internet Service providers in Canada

Here is the best offer for the cable users. CIK Telecom Offers the Cable Bundle Service at inexpensive price in AB/BC/MB/SK/ON_S

Use Promo Code CIK29.99 & enjoy the services of Cable Basic Plan 15M/512K at $29.99 

More Details are Below :

1. Download speed up to 15 Mbps
2. Upload speed up to 512 Kbps
3. Purchase D3 Wired Modem MT130 $99; or Monthly rental fee $0 first year; $2.99/m thereafter  .
4. Processing fee $29.95 (original $69.95,Waived with modem purchase)
5. Shipping Fee $9.95
6. No Contract
7. Substantial usage speed may vary
8. Recommended for light single user with light traffic usually one person for web browsing, voip phone and limited video - Typically 1 computer/device and only 1 HD Video simultaneously.

It is important that you know how you spend the data rate that you consume by time, and it is  also be useful even when you are hiring a new plan or package.

For Further Assistance call us on 416-848-1517. Enjoy the best savings (conditions apply)!

Friday, 1 April 2016

SOLD OUT - CIK Telecom Offers New FiberLite Basic 10M/7M Plan in QC with Promo Code CIK29.99

If you are looking for the best Internet Service Provider in Canada with the lowest Price or the best offers on internet plan. Here is the offer you can grab

Get high speed Internet service from CIk Telecom,  Canada's leading Internet Service provider.CIK Telecom offers unlimited internet In Quebec Area.Check out our new offers and deals, which includes information on new plans FiberLite Basic 10M/7M at $29.99

Use Promo Code CIK29.99 & enjoy the services of FiberLite Basic 10M/7M in QC.Below are the complete information on FiberLite Basic 10M/7M in QC Area at $29.99/m with promo code CIK29.99.

  1. Download speed up to 10 Mbps .  
  2. Upload speed up to 7 Mbps.
  3. Purchase DSL Modem HG-A800 $99; or Monthly rental fee $0 first year; $2.99/m thereafter  . 
  4. Processing fee $29.95 (original $69.95,Waived with modem purchase).
  5. No Contract .
  6. Shipping Fee:$9.95.
For Further Assistance call us on 416-848-1517
Enjoy the best savings (conditions apply)!