Friday, 20 May 2016

How to choose an internet service provider for your business?

As a business internet user, choosing the right ISP (internet service provider) really saves your money and boosts your business. Here are six points you should take it in consideration before determining hastily.

Before choosing internet service, evaluate your business needs. What will you do on surfing and how much time will you spend connected? Your requirements determine what kind of connection and speed you need. Ensure your potential ISP know if your business includes:

  • Owning a website
  • Having online transactions
  • Engaging social media
  • Sending or sharing large files like videos or images
  • Hosting interactive tools
  • Supporting high traffic
  • Connecting Speed

Connection speed depends on bandwidth, which represents the amount of data that you can transmit in a fixed period of time. This is usually measured in bits per second (bps) and expressed in units of thousands (K) or millions (M).

How you transfer data will determine the type of speed you need. Upload speed refers to how fast you can send data while download refers to the speed at which you can receive data. Although high download speed is usually most important, you would need fast upload capability if you want to transmit large documents or host a website.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) services allow laptops, smartphones, handheld devices access to the internet in your business. The types and frequencies of the transmissions are your wireless requirements. So you need to define wireless requirements, like how many devices will connect to the internet, how many hours will you speed per day. Wireless service is convenient, but you also should consider the security of Wi-Fi use.

Software or add-on services
Lots of ISPs offer their own software or add-on services to allow you to:

  • Business VoIP
  • Web hosting
  • Alarm and monitoring
  • Chat online
  • E-Fax solution

Most services also include security software to filter spam, protect against malware, and filter or block out certain content.

Technical support
When you face problems about internet, wireless, hardware or something relative, technical support is always the first choice for business users. Ask yourself what technical support will you need, 24/7 online tech support, toll-free phone line, or free charges?

Tech support is a crucial element of ISP success.

Cost and billing options
There are a variety of billing options you can choose for your business. It is wise to investigate the various charges that you may incur. Will you pay a fix rate or depend on usage? There may also be surcharges if you exceed your monthly limit.

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