Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Netflix launches a new website to test your internet speed.

Netflix is hosting a speed-test website named, and the cool domain is purchased recently. The one-word,4 letters domain name must be costing a lot of money, and why Netflix is doing so?

Because Netflix received quite a lot of complains about their service, and most of them access to low internet speed lend to unexpected results. Therefore, capricious Netflix launched its own speed test site to stop customers from blaming them.

As to, the results are pretty basic - just showing your download speed from Netflix's server. There is no upload speed, ping, and ISP info, but it works quickly. You can go to the site and it runs automatically.

That’s all it does. It is a free serviceand works in any country, and you don’t have to be a Netflix user to try it.

Compared to, provides more detailed metrics. In most cases, the download speed should be very similar to what you get from There is something different when I try to test..

What's more, also provides data for all internet users, like FASTEST ISPS & MOBILE NETWORKS in your country.

You can try any speed test tools above to check whether your ISP is cheating you on a daily basis. But bear in mind that actual internet download speed is not what the provider advertises. Your device, system and lots of things can affect internet speed.

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