Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Understand Your Internet Usage and Avoid Bill Shock

Why is my broadband usage so high? I have never used this much of data before. Why is my monthly internet bill so expensive? Have you ever asked yourself this kind of questions? Before answering that, you may want to know how much data you are using every day. Someone might have an unlimited data plan, and do not have to worry their data usage at all; some of them may have a limited data usage for their internet plan and have to be very careful of their usage. Otherwise, you will be billed for overage accordingly.  For example, do you know how much data you will be using just to check an email, or watch a HD video on YouTube?  

Below are some examples of data use:
Download a HD Movie (2 hours)
4.2 GB
Download a SD Movie (2 hours)
1 - 1.9 GB
Stream 4k video (1 hour)
7 GB
Stream HD video (1 hour)
2 GB
Stream non-HD video (1 hour)
700 MB
720 MB
Facebook (1 hour)
80 MB
Music (1 album, 10 tracks)
80 – 100 MB
Online Gaming (1 hour)
20-75 MB
One email with attachment
One email with text only
Note: All data shown are an approximate number. Actual usage may vary.

To determine how much data you need every month, you can track your previous history. Most companies allow you to check your usage by looking at your account details online. There also are lots of programs that can be installed to monitor your usage.

What kind of internet user do you consider yourself to be? As you can see from the chart above, if you are just browsing the web, checking emails and reading news online, you probably do not need a lot of data every month. However, if you stream a lot, especially HD videos, then you probably need to use a lot more data.

In order to avoid data overuse and bill shock, make sure you have the right plan. CIK offers different plans with unbeatable price along with different speeds. Most importantly, all the internet plans are unlimited and you do not have to worry going over the limit at all. You will definitely find a plan that fits you the best with CIK. 

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