Monday, 22 August 2016

Get 60M Cable 3 in 1 bundle (Internet + HP + Local TV 50+ channels) only at $69.99/m

Everybody needs fast and reliable internet. CIK Telecom gives you the special offer on 60 Cable internet plan in West Coast. 60M Cable 3 in 1 bundle the more advanced plan for faster browsing, frequent video streaming and gaming and  includes the Internet + HP + Local TV 50+ channels  $69.99/m.  

You can access the huge network of super-fast 60M Cable 3 in 1 bundle ( Internet + HP + Local TV 50+ channels) at $69.99/m. This discount is used at the time of the order .

PLAN NAME :  CableExpressPlus + Home Phone

More Details:

1.       Download speed up to 60 Mbps
2.       Upload speed up to 6 Mbps
3.       Regular Price $109.99 and Special Price $69.99/month
4.       Monthly Rental, Purchase, options are available
5.       No Contract
6.       Substantial usage speed may vary
7.       Recommended for a family with advanced applications such as 1080P HD TV
8.       Unlimited Canada-wide calling

For more information visit our website or call us on 416-848-1517.

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