Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Now Enjoy the Affordable Service of CIK Partner with ATOP TV Offers in market , starts at $19.99 /month.

CIK Telecom with the partner ATOP TV offers  over 100 cable TV channels starts from $19.99/month. It includes most channels from the Skinny Basic Package and also includes some local, regional and US channels. 

Atop TV is an incredible new TV Experience. ATOP TV service  is offered through the authorized Partner CIK . We currently offer several ATOP TV Packages and a variety which are mentioned below:

  1. Premium TV Package
  2. Skinny Basic Package
  3. Not so Skinny
  4. Movie Package
  5. Super Channels
  6. Kids Pack
  7. Ultimate Sports and many more.

You can opt and build your own customized TV channel package. Please note: Local channels for CBC, CTV City ,  Gobal, OMNI ,CB 24 etc are in the above packages are available.

  • ATOP TV User will enjoy completely stunning HD picture quality with over 100 top quality channels.
  • Atop is a entertainment experience like no other.
  • No need for satellite dishes or expensive internet bundles.
CIK Telecom provides cable tv with its partner Atop, which  comes in 3D-ready and is delivered to user's home through several of our internet partners that offer the fastest, most reliable and uncapped, service in the industry. The way the internet should be.

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