Thursday, 24 March 2016

SOLD OUT - CIK Offers New Special Promotion Plan Fiber Lite Express - Use Promo Code CIK123

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Get CIK New promotion plan which is Fiber Lite Express 25M/10M single. This a Special promotion plan which is effective from  March 23, 2016 and is created for replacement of Fiber Lite Basic 15M/10M which is ending on March, 24th 2016. Please see the details below

1. Monthly_Purchase of G_Special_20160324_ON_Dry_Fiber Lite Express_25M/10M

  • First 6 months it will be $29.99/m
  • After 6 months it will be of $49.99/m
  • Processing Fee is $0
  • Modem at $99
  • Shipping fee $9.95 (Monthly)
2. Monthly_Rental of G_Special_20160324_ON_Dry_Fiber Lite Express_25M/10M

  • First 6 months it will cost $29.99/m_
  • After 6 months it will cost $49.99/m
  • Processing Fee is $29.95
  • Rental Fee is $2.99/m
  • Shipping Fee is $9.95 (Monthly)

Here are the benefits below :

  • Unlimited usage 
  • Download up to 25M; 
  • Upload up to 10M; 
  • First 6 months $29.99/m & $49.99/m thereafter; 
  • Rental modem $2.99/m + Processing fee $29.95 (Original $69.95); OR Purchase modem $99 and waive processing fee; 
  • Shipping fee $9.95; 
  • NO Contract; 
  • Extended warranty applied on 30 days cancellation;
This Offer is available for a limited time within CIK Telecom Services and  subject to change without notice anytime.

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